Roger's clay season began on Monday and ended on Tuesday


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I would be amazed if he still goes ahead with RG: with his current form he would lose first rd.

He wasn't even chasing the balls today.

This after all the media hooplaa about him attempting a comeback.

-Pic of a roasted Goat-


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He will play RG - playing a smaller tournament (RG) as match practice for a bigger tournament (W) is not a new concept in sports.
Plus he'll get to play the best players in the world at RG because the top 20 players grew up on clay........whereas they don't feel as comfortable on grass and upsets occur which could lead to Federer not getting enough decent opponents to prepare for a SF with Nadal or Djokovic.
In 2019 Federer made the RG SF, and then almost won Wimbledon.


I really would not want to see Nadal fading away like this. Just win RG-Olympics Paris double in 2024 and knock the door loud.
PETE retired while he was still on top. That’s how I want Novak to go out too