Roland Garros 2011 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (3)

Who wins?

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Well I didn't "know", I'm not an oracle. I guessed the likely outcome.

IMO the level Djokovic had displayed in the clay season, and AO, should have been enough for him to beat both Fed and Nadal. But unfortunately, that Djoker didn't show up. He made tons of UFEs on rally shots, and choked while holding serve; his movement too was pathetic (hopefully it's not knee tendinitis as he said during the Queen withdrawal). Then all the stuff about the 4 day break, crowd etc.

I still maintain that Djokovic would have beaten Nadal, if he held his nerve. But the fact is he didn't against Fed. The top players will always capitalize on this, and maybe Nadal could have. But yeah, I give Djokovic the edge, that much is clear..
Really? I thought Djokovic played his absolute best in the 1st set. Fed played well in that set too and both returned so well and prroduced some brilliant points. That set deserved a TB which was won by Fed after a long battle. Djokovic was a bit dead in the 2nd, not playing well, but he returned to play like himself in the 3rd and 4th. A brilliant match by Djokovic, that's what I thought. It was much closer than the score shows.


Nadal uses this same pattern on nearly every player.

So, blame Federer for not improving his BH over the last 6 years :)

Awesome GIF, BTW!
Do you even play tennis? Because it is clear you don't know much about it. I play a 1-handed BH and I just cannot switch to 2HBH, and I'm not even a pro. Fed is playing with that BH for so many years it is impossible for him to switch, and even trying would surely end his career. He can work on the technique and footwork, but not on switching to 2HBH, not at this stage, and not 5 years ago as well. Maybe when he was 14, the latest.


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McEnroe just made a GOAT declaration: if Rogi wins this match he is the GOAT above Sampras/Laver.



I like the contrast of their shirt colors. Really makes it seem like they're complete opposites (Which they kind of are :D)


Just got up to watch this. Looks like weather is holding up...hope it stays this way for the entire duration of the match. No interruptions please!


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So, just like last year's final, the promised rain hasn't showed up. What trolls those rain clouds are :razz:


Fed's going to need to win 1 or 2 points with his serve almost every game he serves to win today.


I hope Federer goes into this match with the same "**** YOU" attitude he had toward Djokovic at the start of the match.

He always looks so submissive in these matches.


I'm not a big fan of either player, but I made a £10 bet that Rafael Nadal would beat Roger Federer today with my Dad.
Hopefully I win, will be going towards a Biomimetic 500 Tour.