Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]


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The body language NOT good for Novak. That last backhand wasn't good at all - he just sort of hit that in the net.

Go Novak -- FIGHT. It's never over until the FAT LADY sings..


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Nole should try to win 1 more game to be better than Fed in the 2008 final. This should be a big incentive for him.


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Djokovic is not even making Nadal work for it, I think he's trying too hard. His average fh and bh speed is nearly 10mph higher than Nadal but rafa is dictating play ? How does that work haha

Adv. Edberg

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It's getting increasingly hard to remain upbeat for a Novak comeback. Just gotta give massive credit where it's due: Rafa's playing magnificently, he's just an incredible champion.
Djoko will get the break now and win the set in a TB and then easy to the victory.


Here the choke begins. I don't know what needs to happen for Nadal to beat Djokovic in a slam ever again...He had a BP, and he made an unforced error on it. It was clear that Djokovic will hold after that. Now 99% Nadal is going to get broken...
More like you are 99% wrong with every post.


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This is a huge match, obviously, Djoker needs to show some kind of emotion out there. Break a racket, scream, do something. He always plays better when he's angry.