Roland Garros 2024 F: [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [3] Carlos Alcaraz


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Zverev doing it all over again. Hasn't learned it seems from that collapse at the USO. He just handed that break away and played so well in sets 2 and 3, to not serving well and can't put away easy volleys.


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The flashbacks!!!



I miss the big 3 already…
They would have their down moments, they will loose timing but they would never loose their footwork and shot selection…
Looking at these two @final today: you don’t know what to expect, they do not know what to expect from themselves it seems…


The chunk volley at 0-15 followed by the DF is THE moment for me (I know, like that's original). And the former caused the latter. He looked like he was going to wait for Alcaraz's shot at 0-15 to land and then hit a forehand, but seemed to change his mind at the last second.


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Zverev‘s volley error was from being too tired to take a drive volley, which then led to the DF. Bit of a shame fatique is semi deciding this.
Both of them are definitely fatigued but blaming an absolute sitter on fatigue is hilarious. Zverev should’ve made that volley even in a wheelchair.