Roland Garros 2024 F: [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [3] Carlos Alcaraz


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Poisoned Slice

Bionic Poster


Bionic Poster
Congrats to Alcaraz! 3 different Slams already and he's only 21. There's no question he's the next ATG but the only question is how many of these will he accumulate over the years. He was the more courageous player and deserved it. Commiserations to Zverev. He gets close to the finish line and freezes up. He had his chances today.


Talk Tennis Guru
How many damn lines did Carlos hit in the last 10 minutes?

Felt identical to how Zverev closed out Nadal back in the 1st round.


A legend in the making. My God.

It wasn’t the prettiest of matches but his fight, his variety, his willingness to shift tactics, and most of all his insane ability to rise to the occasion when his back is against the wall saw him to the finish line. Congrats, Carlos.