Roland Garros 2024 F: [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [3] Carlos Alcaraz


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That's as close as it gets.


This is the worst Carlos has looked in a GS win. Flashes of genius throughout though. The guy is top class, no denying it.
As for Z, there was never any threat of him winning a GS final. He’s a trademark bottler. I wasn’t worried even when Alcaraz was down 2-1. Was silently confident he’ll get the job done. In fact it was due to Carlos’ choke that this match even went 5 in the first place.
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Too bad boring tennis won. But doesn’t matter, Zed proved he is Slam winning material. Will win Wimbledon then or the USO. The meltdown of certain haters will happen at some point.
One have to give it to Raz. Even with historically weak competition, three slams at his age is amazing. The first ATG other than the big three in almost 20 years is in the making.
Well... to be fair, Nadal would have won a couple of Wimbledons by age 21 if not for peak Federer in those finals...

Carlos wouldn't have beat 06 or 07 Fed... if you give 23 Djok to 07 Nadal, 07 Nadal wins in 4 sets.

Timing matters, competition matters.
Agreed. Timing and competition matters a lot. We can see that clearly here and when comparing to back in the 2000’s.


I doubt 2022 Carlos beats 2005 / 2006 RF at the US Open either, but that's what it is

He's still a remarkable young player who likes to take risks at crunch time. And he's reaping rewards for it now

Yeah for sure. Wasn't trying to take away from Carlos, just if comparing him to Nadal at the same age, I think context should be considered and the level of competition can't be ignored.


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There was exactly one questionable call that was within the Hawkeye margin of error. The guy you hate won a third grand slam with each on a different surface by the age of 21 :cool:
Hilarious as Alcaraz is about the fairest player out there - with calls - he always confirms balls are good without making the chair come down and gives points to his opponent - unlike Zverev who freaking cheats on the coin flip


He's not an ATG like Murray yet tho.

I don't consider Murray and ATG personally, but definitely a tennis HOF'er. Murray is definitely a HOF'er for historical accomplishments, but not an all time great in the leagues of the Big 3 or past champions of that caliber. AND of course you wouldn't say ALCZ is an ATG yet. He is just 21 and his stats and place in tennis history is just starting to be written However, he is already checking boxes and laying down stats in important ATG categories. So where Alcaraz has the potential to be an ATG, Murray missed the mark.


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This might be one of the best examples of winning ugly, but only the "winning" part goes into the history books
What an absolute joke. The vicious, jealous comments in here about Carlos are comedy gold. He's "lucky, he's a mug, he plays garbage tennis...."

News for you, turkey: Zedrot has the one-dimensional, boring-as-hell game. He has no net game, no drop shot, he has about as much variety as a backboard. He absolutely deserved to lose against a kid with an arsenal that is rich in quality and variety. The people who can't see it have an agenda or are blind clowns.