Roland Garros R16: Novak Djokovic vs. Francisco Cerundolo

Who wins?

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He is not getting past Ruud, even if he wins this. He has put too much out.
I can understand the handwringing and nervous nellies. I used to do the same when Pete played.
No one in their right mind, would give Rudd any chance.
Are you even watching him play against Fritz? Fritz choked hard to lose the set.


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He is still who everyone has their eye on.

I was just joking.

I think many of us knew the pain could become less annoying in later stages and he is clearly moving a lot better now.

Cerundolo went into the Fritz trap, as expected :)


He is not getting past Ruud, even if he wins this. He has put too much out.
I agree, if you're a bit tired/had a bit of time on court there are few people you'd want to play less on a clay court than Ruud. Maybe Alcaraz, Nadal in the past of course


He can clearly feel the dark energy emanating from Philippe Chatrier and had flashbacks. “Djokovic injured and a set down during 4th round match” sent shivers down his spine

Channeling the power from the Bosnian Pyramids



Nadal withdraw from Wimbledon 2022 in the semifinals and he was never the same after that.
Joker is already older than that version of Nadal and has more lives than a cat.
Your comparison is not correct.

I mean playing possum in a match

DelPossum did it too. It's lame


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Cerundolos body language was so bad; you could tell he never believed he could win. Neither did I but thats the last thing you want to do against Djokovic, give him more belief. Pathetic stuff


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Let’s be honest though, Kobe was a much better marketer/salesman than basketball player.
No agreed, I’m don’t know much about Kobe but I never really was one for him and from what I can tell he seemed inflated and a self-centered chuckster. But I’m talking about in terms of the discourse surrounding both of them, it feels very played up to the point of a deliberate narrative. Novak’s had it going on for years, and then there’s corny stuff like the USO 24 Bryant 24 schtick.


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This would have been long over if it was a Masters. This is why you don't put much stock into his clay masters season when assessing his slam chances. Beating Djokovic in a Bo5 is a completely different beast. Slams are major mental grinds and that's what he excels at.


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Yea even if he takes this, hard to see him take down Ruud, Zverev and Alcaraz in succession after these grueling matches and not being 100%.
I think he will face Rudd and De Minaur. Zedzilla ain't doing anything.
He will make the final. And then it just depends on whether Alcaraz/Sinner are 100% or not.


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The players media and Jordan built up Kobe. Kobe was just himself. That stuff wasn't an act or marketing he was just crazy like that.
I think it's because his game mimicked MJ. People make the wrongful assumption that he must be the 2nd best by virtue of that. He's underrated by the analytic community but overrated by casual fans
Yeah I think the real culprit here is Jordan, the 90s monoculture basically convinced everyone that the best players had to look and feel and play exactly like Jordan. I do think Kobe played it up though especially after Colorado, rebranded himself. you do realize he came up with the Black Mamba nickname and directed a lot of the marketing himself from that era, even won an Oscar. He fancied himself an auteur of sorts. Idk, I think the fact that people ever thought he was better than LeBron is insane.