Roland Garros R16: Novak Djokovic vs. Francisco Cerundolo

Who wins?

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This is incredible, it might actually be more tragic than Fritz - Djoker from AO 21. 0/11 on BPs is amazing


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Cerundolo is so bad. Even if Djokovic gets compromised, Cerundolo probably doesn't even have the game to take advantage of that.
If this were Alcaraz/Sinner it would be a different story.


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This is incredible, it might actually be more tragic than Fritz - Djoker from AO 21
I have never seen an "injured" player hold up and play better and better in the match like Joker, the master of playing possum.
Kudos for him.


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He's complaining that the court is too slippery because they aren't sweeping it frequently enough. That's how he tweaked his knee.

Thx, he was was raising the same thing last match.

Never thought about this before but can players request sweeping of clay courts more often than is planned beforehand?
Why isn't the umpire wearing the little head-mounted camera?
I’m worried that this is going to be one of those important matches where the result is partially affected by the chair umpire not always doing the right things. They may have also forgotten to bring their mounted camera onto the court.

The courts are not being dressed in a timely way, and the chair umpire was hovering too much over the medical people trying to work on MTO early in the match.


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The moment i tuned in Djokovic plays a really good few points - seems to be fine when moving and the serve is hitting the right spots.


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99% of top players who are saying they've tweaked their knee and are calling the physio like this, I'm writing them off for the title of the tournament in question. But this guy is the 1%, he's both an obviously massive liar and someone with an evidently ridiculously high pain threshold