Roland Garros R64: Carlos Alcaraz vs Taro Daniel

Who wins?

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Probably the best thing in the world for Alcaraz. The kid needs to not get ahead of himself. His intensity dropped off so hard in that set, and his mighty forehand suddenly became seriously attracted to net.


Carlos lost intensity after the first set being so easy, its difficult to pick it up again after you droped it


Lol Carlos is spraying like a fire hose.

The wind has completely thrown off his rhythm, he is just missing everything this set. Good news is he will have a chance to recalibrate and build some character, which he’ll need in later rounds.
It was crazy windy in the first set too, that's no excuse.
I see these (perfectly reasonable) complaints a lot on TTW. Isn’t there a streaming service in the US that simply let you watch the matches you want to?
Depends on the tournament, the network broadcasting it, and how you get your TV services. For example, if you get Tennis channel through a cable company you can subscribe to Tennis Channel + but I have Sling and they aren't considered a cable (or satellite) company so TC+ isn't available to me.

ESPN is the same way. When I had regular cable I could to go ESPN's website and sign in using my cable subscription and have access to ESPN, ESPN2, and a bunch of live matches. But with Sling I can't do that.

Legend of Borg

Charlie has looked fragile since Madrid.

Remains to be seen if he'll recalibrate at this tournament and claim #2 or if he'll suffer another upset.


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Carlos will need to avoid these dips going forward though. He’s had them in almost every big Bo5 match of his career

A player like Djokovic will 100% capitalize in those moments. Good news is, Carlos has the highest base level in the draw.


Maybe... just maybe we don't need to declare him unstoppable after one set, or overrated after two?
I just think people in general expect too much from him. Mostly because of the era that is just ending. It's ok to have an era where many players can be Slam contenders.


Nadal is much better than Alcaraz on clay. He was never losing sets to nobodies at RG. Too bad Nadal is injured and old. Hopefully he can come back next year for his final dance.