Roma 2019 R2: Novak Djokovic vs Denis Shapovalov

If Kyrgios (up a break against Ruud in the 3rd) and Novak wins their match, they meet in the quarters? Im not entirely sure about the draw so want confirmation.
Djokovic looks very good to my eyes. Had the right mix for today's match, counter punched extremely well with great depth when pressured, able to turn defence to offence on a whim and stepping in and whacking the crap out of the ball when the situation called for it.
Casper Rude breaks Kyrgios at 15.
Congrats to Djokovic blnt Shapovalov 61 63,, Tasty breadstick, Novak crushed Denis

Djokovic will playing again today because of the rain delay, Coolschrieber or Cecchinato

3Fees :)


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This planet is currently defended from all evil by it's Heavyweight Champion, Novak Djokovic.
It's good to see Shap is working on his head problems.
He's got two of them fixed.

1. He's cut his hair much shorter.
2. He's turned around his cap so it's facing the right way.

Now if he can just fix his biggest head problem...