Rome 2019 3R: Fred vs Bore

Who wins?

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Federer doesn't have the speed and energy right now, so rather than running around and be in position early, he is standing further back than usual. As the result, he is not timing his BH well at all now. His BH is constantly sailing long.


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Completely ludicrous expecting people to play 2 matches in a single day. And it's not like it's just this match as well. Maybe if Coric and Fed had both done it, but Coric has had a days rest

mike danny

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Coric is one of those annoying little pests that I hope I never have to see in Federer's draws.

In before he'll be in Fedr's RG draw.


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Obviously, the organizers would love to see Federer stay much longer in this tournament, but thanks to their stupidity, they will have to lose the big attraction. I hope they learn from this.
The whole tourney is a fiasco after the washout yesterday.You rarely get players like Thiem or Goffin criticise the organisers.