Rome SF Schwartzman v. Shapovalov


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One of those cases where he was just too quick to get to the ball

thought for sure he'd make it, but pulls it just wide.

4-4 now


One of the things that separates him from the rest.
I heard some "insider" stories about the coaching of Djoko. They always used to dis-respect his opponnets and call them **** and all the worst things on the earth. He was raised like he is the champ and everyone is **** compared to him - even Federer or whoever. I dont know if this is true but........a look at his box.. I mean for me Nole always looks like he thinks he is the best on the world and there will be never one that it is better - at most surfaces. Funny is only that this is not only an illusion in his head, but the truth. :D