Rome SF Schwartzman v. Shapovalov


Diego's girlfriend is taller than him. Unbelievable.

Anyway, Novak will clean Diego's clock tomorrow. It will be a MASSACRE.

Bhagi Katbamna

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Great match. Shapo should have been a little more patient in the tie-break. Given how late and tough this match was, Joker wins tomorrow 2 and 2 in about an hour and ten minutes.


I wonder how many people on this forum will complain about Schwartzman being tired tomorrow. At least compared to the complaining about Rome final last year.

rUDin 21

I heard some "insider" stories about the coaching of Djoko. They always used to dis-respect his opponnets and call them **** and all the worst things on the earth. He was raised like he is the champ and everyone is **** compared to him - even Federer or whoever. I dont know if this is true but........a look at his box.. I mean for me Nole always looks like he thinks he is the best on the world and there will be never one that it is better - at most surfaces. Funny is only that this is not only an illusion in his head, but the truth. :D
Well they inserted this mentality in him right from the start.Maybe not to that degree that everyone around him are ****,but that "illusion" over time became reality.

Ray Mercer

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Damn tough loss for Shapo. He was a little bit too erratic in the end. Schwarzman’s plan was just to keep the ball in play and let him implode.

Red Rick

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Lil fella has done it.

Exciting match!

Can anyone say they'd begrudge Schwartzman a first Masters title here in Rome? I think that'd be lovely given some of the tennis he has produced in the last two matches here.
Hope he isn't too tired to put up a good match


Well, he's 0-4 against Djokovic, but did fairly well in his 2 clay contests (5 setter at the French, 3 setter at last year's Rome contest), so he has a puncher's chance.
Hopefully he'll be mentally ready, the last two matches had to have taken a mental and emotional toll on him, let alone a physical one in the last match.