rough strings

on my head lm prestige mp i currently use head intellistring and find it very comfortable to play with. however i bought my second lm prestige used and it already had strings in it. I have no i dea what they were and they broke quickly because of age. now with this mystery string it felt very rough and to me much more satisfying than my intellistring. What strings would feel rougher? or could i simply lower or raise tension (currently at 60lbs)?
brands or different gauges would be helpful thanks.


A few more details would help. Was it a solid core or multi? What color ? A rough multi-GRAY in color is HEAD Perfect Control< made by Iso_Speed>.:cool:

Mike Danger

no sure what you consider rough, But l like gamma tnt pro plus 17L, it feels rough, like a fine sand paper, and I do get strands of felt sticking to it.

D. Nelson

....from a purely 'texture' standpoint, I've never seen ANYthing that comes even CLOSE to Gamma RUFF....I can JUST about turn a ball inside-out with it !! I'm still waiting to try a RUFF-TiMo hybrid !!!!
thanks for ur suggestions the string colour was string colour(i dont know what to call it) its the same colour as wilson stamina but looked as tho it had a spiral on it


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Could it be Prince Topspin with Duraflex?

By the way, the two main neutral string colors are "natural" (kind a a wheat color) and white; doesn't it correspond to one or the other...