rougher paddle surface?


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Can we add a rougher surface to the paddle to get more spin on the ball?
Like maybe 200 grit sandpaper roughness?
Lots of spray on textures availible.


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I was thinking of restoring the original texture of a new racket, not adding extra grit to enhance spin.
I do realize that currently, only moderate spin is used, compared to tennis and table tennis.


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Not sure the uneven thickness and the softness of wax is good for control.
Textured surfaces are much more consistent.


The holes in the balls absorbs the variance in wax thickness. I don't see any loss in control..
Actually see increase due to increased spin..
Think about wax variances like a golf club surface .. variance actually helps.


I have an Electrum paddle which has one of the most textured surface made of raw carbon. Actually all they do is skip the fancy graphics. My first paddle was a Gamma Mirage and after the graphics wore down I used paint stripper and removed all the ink down to the bare carbon and the surface is now the same as my Electrum. I wonder if all carbon faced paddles are rough underneath.

A friend has the nastiest side spin serve that he gets a lot of aces with and he uses a paddle with a smooth surface. Rough surface is over rated and technique is more important. A slower speed serve can get more side spin, and you can get spin both ways by using forehand and backhand serves. The spin potential is more fun with pickleball because you can get both righty and lefty slice serves.


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I think I will just limit myself with conti grip underspin and some sidespins.
Takes too much effort to hit with stronger grips trying to hit heavy topspin.