RPM Blast v Tourna Big Hitter Black v Volkl Cyclone v Dunlop Black Widow v Black Code


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I have used 16 and 17 gauge rpm blast and i like it but it does hurt my arm. I was thinking of trying the 18 gauge but wondered if any of these other strings are less stiff and more soft?

Tried black widow in the past but it snapped within an hour (17g) and never used any of the others.

Want something that has good feel, doesnt kill my arm, has good spin/pocketing/bite and a decent level of power and control.

What should i go for out of the ones iv mentioned?

Thanks guys


At the same tension, I've found Cyclone and BHB to feel softer than RPM. Between the Cyclone and BHB, it's a toss up for me in feel and performance. I like both a lot and they are hard to beat for the money.


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All other strings mentioned are softer than RPM Blast. Volkl Cyclone will be the most similar string.


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If RPM Blast is too stiff for your liking, try RPM Team. I played this recently on an X-8 Super G and was impressed by the comfort/performance ratio.


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you should consider adding the Tourna Black Zone to the list. I think it fits what you are looking for better than the Black 7.