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Yesterday, I was played doubles and receiving the serve. My partner was standing at the net as usual. Our opponent hit his serve straight at my partner, striking him on the full. Clearly, the serve was going well out, but who's point was it?


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oponents, its kinda like a ref on a football field, they are apart of the playing field, so is your partner. same reason why you cant catch an out ball before it hits. it would also be there point if they hit YOU being the returner, even if you were off the court.


From Rule 24:

Case 7. A ball that has just been served hits the receiver or in doubles the
receiver’s partner before it touches the ground. Which player wins the point?
Decision. The server wins the point, unless it is a service let.

In an earlier thread, someone suggested that, if the serve were deliberately aimed at the netman, there could be a charge of ungentlemanly conduct, but good luck trying that unless an official observed the incident.


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Think of it like this - the ball is in until it goes out. If it hits someone before it goes out, the other team gets a point. Your partner did not allow the serve to go out (like catching a ball that was going out)