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    I'm coaching a player who swings their racket back and forth in time with their run when moving to reach shots, and it impairs their ability to prepare for the shot. I teach players to start moving their racket back as early as possible and to time it so it's a continuous movement into their forward swing. If it's a really difficult short or wide ball they might be better off swinging their arms so they can run faster, but that's not the problem here. However, I watched some video of Serena playing and she seems to favour swinging the racket left and right more often than other players when running for backhands. I think it's just a style thing particular to Serena. Any thoughts?
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    If I need to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, I'm going to run just like I'm running a sprint, by pumping my arms. Yes, that will cause the racquet to "swing" but it's the most efficient way of covering distance quickly. It's irrelevant how good my form is in being prepared early if I can't reach the ball before the 2nd bounce. So I value covering distance over early racquet preparation. If I can get both, even better. As I'm running, I'm calculating the latest I can take my racquet back and still hit a decent shot.

    Running with your racquet taken back with a 2HBH, for example, is very inefficient. Yet I see people do this all of the time because they've been told to get the racquet back early. What they weren't told or what wasn't emphasized is that you need to reach the ball before your racquet position matters.
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