Ruud has history on his side to win Roland Garros 2023


No Thiem won his 4th try
You didn‘t get the post. Every tennis player that reached 3+ slam finals eventually won one at least. Doesn‘t need to be the 3rd final, can also be the 4th (Murray) or 5th (Lendl).

So Ruud will be a future GS winner. Maybe today or in the near future. But he will win at least one slam because he already reached 3 finals.


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USO 12 was Murray's 5th slam final. USO 08, AO 10, AO 11, Wim 12 were the first 4.
Yes I forget I pulled it off the top of my head point was if u look at everyone with 3 or up RUPs they have at least 1 slam.. Rudd will be the first not to have 1 if he doesn’t make any more GS finals