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    Today's game is most definitely dominated by the baseliner, but there are still some old fashioned people who prefer to serve-volley. i try to employ S&V into all matches i play, as a way of throwing an opponent off or taking advantage of an opponent's weakness.

    The best thing i've found for S&V is too have a pattern engrained so deeply in your mind and muscle memory that you can do it while you sleep. for me this is the wide, off-pace slice on the deuce side; if the return comes back i have two options, if its too my forehand i simply go back towards the same direction and hit behind my opponent, if its to my backhand i hit it deep crosscourt. This pattern works best for me and i use it in crunch times to ensure that I know what i am doing and to take advantage of the situation.

    So the tip is to always have a go-to pattern. It does not matter if your opponent knows it because by the time you use it in matches you will be able to play any ball that comes back, unless it is a blistering winner. Also, when i catch a player leaning out wide i through in a flat T serve to throw them off and force them to leave the angle open.

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