Safely moving my alpha pioneer with wise?


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I am moving and am wondering about how to safely move my machine. As the title says, it’s a pioneer dc plus tonwhich I’ve added a wise.

I’m going to use my car, not a truck, obviously. Would it be safe to put it in the backseat? Should I take the wise off and transport in two pieces?

What are your thoughts on the safest way to transport the stringer and tensioner?
Safest method is to put them in the packaging they came in especially the Wise. If you don’t have the boxes any method using reasonable care should work. If you have a stand you may want to take it off. I would buckle up the machine some how so it can’t move around.
I have always kept the box my Wise came in just in case I have to send it back for repair. That's what I'd use to move it too. The rest of the machine is near indestructible. Don't lose the clamps.
Yes, I do that too. I had to use the lockout tensioner once when I sent my Wise back to be fixed. I hated it so much, I bought a 2nd Wise for a backup.
that is the one thing I miss with the Wise, the portability and the ease of transport. If I strung for a tournament and they had a lockout, I could mount my Wise and never look back. Now, It'd take a crane and dually to move the Mighty Sensor.