Safin - Coria semis in Monte Carlo. Any thoughts?


Coria has some unbelievable clay court run, something like 25 straight matches won. Can Safin stop this streak? He is playing very well now and is 8-1 on clay this year dating back to Estoril finals.


8) Could be a classic - if BOTH PLAYERS SHOW UP!!! PROBABLY THE 2 MOST MOODY PLAYERS ON THE TOUR. If they play their mental A game = fantastic stuff............
I think if Safin can consistently hit a lot of winners, but more importantly serve very well, he has a chance to beat Coria. Coria hasn't played anyone yet who has as much fire power as Safin, so Safin might catch him off guard. Safin will definitely have to have a quick start if he wants to pull it off because if Coria gets into a rhythm, he's almost impossible to beat. I hope Safin wins because he's by far a much more colorful and versatile player.
But like I said, if Safin doesn't start off strong and can't maintain a high level of play, he'll go down.


I would like to see Coria win this. It was a shame he could not finish playing the Nasdaq-100 final and he seems pretty burned up by the whole thing. He's handing out bagels like a Jewish bakery. LOL. ;)

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for those of us without ttc(that would be me) espn is airing the final on early wednesday morning (1:30 a.m. i believe) It's better than nothing:)


Coria will win this match unless Safin is on fire. I mean like playing Agassi or Roddick at the Aus Open on fire. If he can whack winners, force Coria even farther back, and get sitters, he can win it. But then again, since when has really anyone done that on clay? Safin will also have to be patient enough to stay in the long rallies and just try to win them. Coria has always had trouble with big serves, so if Safin is serving well too, then he will have a much better chance. Coria will most likely win though, saying 3 sets.

Moya's gonna win it all though.....


I think Safin will win, but that is only if he doesn't loose his temper and ask the umpire if he can Punch him if he is correct.

Good ol' Marat!!!!!!! Happy days!!!!!!!!

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In his MC interview yesterday Coria said this about Safin "WHEN HE'S PLAYING WELL HE'S THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD ON ANY SURFACE.: !!! Play well to-day Marat!


Safin can overpower his opponent when the court is medium fast like at Australia Open, but when he plays the same opponent elsewhere, he'll lose easily and whine about how lucky it is to beat him! Safin knows that he has to bludgeon his shots deep to win because anyone can make him look clueless, especially when he underestimates others. Maybe he'll break another racket! :twisted: :lol:


Safin played amazingly, the vollies were exceptional and if only he could keep his unforced errors down then he can be the best player in the world imo.

The only thing the match was missing was a Safin argument ending in him asking for permission to floor him he he :lol:



Safin did play amazingly. He was whacking the ball, and like Liam said, if he just made a few less errors, and I mean only a few, he could've won. He was whacking Coria all over the court, hitting winners, and closing net very well. It was a great match, awesome stuff. Coria is just soo tough, you have to play so well to beat him on clay, cause he is the last person whose gonna beat himself.