Safin: Says Tour Too Long

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    “In 2004 we had this discussion in Olympic Games with Roddick about it and they were blaming me that I’m playing too much.”
    “And I was saying that the season is too long. We should make it shorter. And the guys, they jumped on me, like I was the one who was wrong.
    “So look at all of them — everybody is falling apart. Everybody is getting injured left and right, and everybody is complaining the season is long. It takes six years to realise that something is wrong?
    “They just have to deal with that, not when they are 21 and ambitious and want to make money. They have to think a little bit with their brains and to make the career a little bit longer.”

    Safin makes the same observation as nadal. It's more of a long term career issue than whether a top player can handle the schedule in any one year.
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