Safin Wants to Coach Warm Body

But Who? (two votes)

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You still upset about that other thread?

I can't help it if I beat your arguments down every time with impeccable logic.

Instead of guessing whether I know Safin, ask yourself if you know ANY pro you've been commenting here for the past year...

You don't, right?

I rest my case.

Again I refute your flawed logic.
what impeccable logic ??


I like safin but he won because of talent and physical. One of the least intelligent players of all time.


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If Safin tells a young player to move closer to the baseline when returning a second serve and to attack it, that's probably good advice. Most young guys are camping 6 feet behind the baseline and trying to run everything down. I'm pretty sure if he could even make the slightest difference to help any player, that's a good coach.
Coaching is around the clock, not just a few words of advice. Even we can do that.

Mike Sams

Coaching is around the clock, not just a few words of advice. Even we can do that.
Yeah but why would a player listen to any of us? They'd listen to a guy who's been there and done it. Also, I don't know if coaching is around the clock. From the many stories I've heard, players often don't even talk to their coaches for weeks. The coach often is just there helping grab the balls and carrying the racquets and bags around and giving a few pointers during practice rallies. I don't think Federer got much from Tony Roche during their time together. Just as Djokovic didn't get far with Todd Martin, or Zverev with Lendl.