Salvage Gut/Poly fresh string job


All, I strung up my prestige pro with Pacific Poly Gut blend(Tough Gut/Polyforce) recently at 57/53 lbs and hit with it yesterday. It definitely felt like a board to me and weather was very nice(mid 70s). Did I string this too tight? I usually string my other prestige with Babolat VS Touch/Prince Tour XC at the same tension and that one feels very good at the same tension). Can I cut out just the crosses and string with lower tension or some other softer poly at a low tension to reduce the boardy feeling or is cutting out everything and restring my only option? My other option would be to continue to have this feeling for the initial 10 to 15 hours of hitting and hope the tension drops to an acceptable level to feel good.


If you only played with those strings once, see how it goes for 1 or 2 more times. If it's still tight after that, go home and put a weight in the middle of the strings for a couple of hours on each side. I put the racquet on a coffee table book so the handle will clear the floor and the hoop rests evenly on the book. I use a 9 lb. dumb bell but you can use anything that won't hurt the strings or pressure them unevenly.

A more extreme option is to set the racquet aside until the temps reach 85 or more degrees.
If the racquet only breaks in partially, it may make a good insurance racquet for when you're over-hitting.
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This reminds me of the old Wimbledon video of McEnroe creating his trampoline setup by standing on his strings to loosen them up.


when my brother played at high level he used alu power and as soon as it was strung he put a 5 liter water can for 3 hours on each side.