Same model of cap, different year?


A couple of months ago i got the coolest cap on earth, the black with stripes Adidas essential 3 stripes. Today i got another more forgiving with the sun (it's spring here) and got the "same" model of cap Adidas 3 Stripes Climalite, but it has some differences.

First, the fabric feels thinner compared to the black one, and in the back it does not have a metal strap hole like the other cap, check photos:

One black and grey, other white with blue. Black has smaller logo also. The fabric is lighter in the white one, perhaps because it was thought for the summer?

Check the shiny strap hole in the black version, the white one has none, this small detail really bothers me, because is a step down in quality and class.

Also, the lighter fabric makes the hat feel cheaper compared to the black one. The hat is great and i'll keep it, but i'm wondering if they were made in different years or they are actually different models. Both were made in China.