Sampras vs Gomez, 1990 Philadelphia

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    Dec 27, 2005
    just came across this on youtube, footage from Sampras' 1st pro title, at age 18.

    Who would have thought by the end of the year both players would hold major titles.

    Some good foreshadowing from Carillo, "Gomez is hoping his great form continues on clay, its his dream to win the French. He's lost to Lendl 5 times there, & Lendl won't be playing it this year."

    Sampras says his best surface is 'Supreme' or hardcourt in the post match interview & hopes it will be grass one day.

    Also interesting to see best of 5 finals outside the masters series & a 15,000 crowd at a non-masters series.

    and the $135,000 for the winner was bigger than that for winning some of the masters series events that year.

    Philadelphia used to be a big event on the calendar.
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