San Pablo Tennis park hosting Berkeley Open!

mad dog1

The Berkeley Open is being played at the world famous San Pablo Tennis Park this weekend! These courts are where the most interesting man in the world, @LeeD, engaged in his legendary battles against his nemesis Scruffy McDoodle. These are the same courts that the LeeD served as the hitting partner to the famous Louie sisters who played on the women’s tour. These are the same courts that when the temperature was in the low 50s and the tennis balls were the hard Dunlop ones that don’t bounce, LeeD’s second serve would go over the back fence on one bounce!

Could there be a LeeD sighting if he is not catching the big waves in Hawaii right now?

Scanning the men’s open draw, I appears the infamous @Maximagq has entered and is the #5 seed! Perhaps LeeD has been coaching Matt to play left handed ala Rafa Nadal!
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Cool. Wish I was there. Would have played the 4.0 doubles. One of the 2nd seed team is a real douchbag. Used to be on our team but no one would play with him.


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LeeD crashes corporate meeting parties commando wearing tight Indian Yoga panties... eats the hors d'oeuvres.... Then Taekwondo's the security guards when they try to stop him...


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I'm not worried about it. But I think he should win a few tournaments and then move to open level. Unless always losing is the goal. I've always had the thought that you need to win a few tournaments at a level then move on.
And why do you question me commenting if you post his results on here anyways? If you only want fawing make a Facebook group.

Yeah. He lost in the final a few weeks ago of another open level tournament so maybe you shouldn’t worry about what level he plays.
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