Santoro ROS challenge: drop shot


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I've never been able to do it with the RoS. I have done it a few times with a lunge volley [always on the BH side, for some reason] but it was unintentional.


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Not off a normal serve, no way, I've done it in drills and farting around for sure. I can though, if someone in doubles is serving to me in the deuce court AND they decide they like to stand near the middle stripe, do a slice backhand dropshot that will touch or be very close to the outside doubles boundry, only teenagers seem to be able to get to that shot. Only off second serves.


I've accomplished the bounce-back dropper twice now, and had two maybe three occasions where the ball couldn't bounce back over because it hit the net after the bounce (but would've bounced back if I had hit the dropper with even an inch or so more depth).

All of them were drop volleys though. I've hit drop shot returns a few times but haven't gotten close to having them bounce back over the net.


In doubles I occasionally use a dropshot return of serve in the following situation:

- I am playing ad court
- server does not serve and volley
- server usually hits a kick serve to my backhand on 2nd serves

In the above situation I sometimes move on and hit cross court slice backhand dropshot return. I like to hit it about should high and I brush a bit of the outside of the ball to make it curve more crosscourt.


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Not as well as Fabrice, his return rolled back to his baseline! I think this is evidence that you can actually get more backspin with 2 hands. I mean that was unplayable, unless you're super fast and get to the ball on the full!


Decided to try this in a match Friday. First popped up too much, but second attempt was good. Not the awesome backspin, but pretty tough return to handle.

Okay, here ya go. Still processing, but you get the idea. First I tried the backspin and it was close. Second I just dropped it short.

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