Say, purely in theory, that I was a salty Fed fan...


Talk Tennis Guru there any way that neither Nadal nor Djokovic could walk away with the AO title now?

Now I'm actually fine with one of them winning btw, just having fun here, but the question itself is serious. I'm talking technicalities. In the usual course of play obviously one of them will win now but is there any circumstance in which that wouldn't happen? Can both players be DQ'd at exactly the same time for some reason? Can the match be abandoned? Can you win but then be denied the trophy because you say a bad word in front of KIA guy? I'm curious. Is there any hope for us salty, beleaguered Fed fans? :p


Defintely pure theory as we know salty Fed fans are all rooting for DJO to keep Nadal from getting closer.

All about the numbers man.