Scammers Ninefit selling Gamma Grips


Hey guys, got scammed by these a holes so beware,
on Black Friday I went fora jar of gamma supreme,

these guys show a picture of a jar and sell for 50 Euros normal pricing is 80 at their site, sounded fair.
They sent me 3 grips and maintain that it is what I ordered, I am well aware of the price of these grips after using them for 15 years and its not 50 euros for 3=)

The company is Ninefit, I have pictures and print screens of everything, I believe they are UK based, Ive informed Gamma Europe, where can I reach out to try and get my money back and report them?


When you do a search on their site it's confusing because they have the jar accidentally pictured with the the three pack. Geez, all the three packs are like 50 Euro (like you said) They're usually $7.00 ish on TW. I don't know; everything is WAY overpriced. Yeah, partial refund ? or maybe do a charge back?