Scariest, most horrfic pro outfits ever....


As there is a thread for coolest pictures of pros, I thought there should be one for the "un-coolest" pics of keep both things a bit separated. However, now I came across this (brrrr, worse on TV than on this pic)

...and thought there must be a thread about horrific outfits first... come on! Bring 'em on!


Serena's kit was by Nike?

They actually released that into the market?

I bet if that kit was for sale either on here or e bay for a few hundred dollars, someone would buy it. :neutral:

Bobby Jr

This year's French Open has brought out some of the worst outfits I've ever seen on the female players. The wearing of leggings under their skirts and some even long tops might be practical but it kills the aesthetics of any outfit.


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Common, that was when I was a kid and that was cool at the time. :shock:
Also, we did not know, that he was wearing a wig LOL :twisted:
I never wore denim, but I did have a pair of black/neon green bike shorts I wore for tennis that I loved.
Jelena's outfit is hardly the worst. I really like Bethanie and all her trailer trash chic, that said, nothing but respect for her inspired play this year.

And one from Petra Kvitova..*...t brands don't want anything to do with them.


How come...

How come, that most of the design disasters were designed for women?
Anyway...Mattek-Sands high up in the top ten right now:

but Vic has outsider chances too wearing this:



Vilas - I think his junk is hanging out his shorts


Mary Pierce - "dorkus maximus" look




we have a winner!

this was actually for medical purposes and Williams was experimenting with compression technology.

It's like compression shorts but for your entire body.

not clothing, but apparently Federer has a more funny side to his personality too