Schedule really too demanding?

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    May 4, 2009
    Interesting article from

    Most interesting was his take on players doing exhibition events and the fact that all the mandatory events and Davis cup weeks only come to 25 weeks total assuming a player does well enough in each event.
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    Oct 17, 2007
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    I don't think players want less commitments, they would like for the schedule to be more compressed, to allow for a longer off season.
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    Feb 20, 2004
    The author gives the impression the players don't work on their game, fitness or rehab injuries outside of the 25 weeks of actual play.

    Exhibitions only need minimal preparation, whereas DC is said to require 2 weeks in a player's schedule (prep time + 3 day play time + recuperation) from the articles posted in other threads.
  4. mandy01

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    Nov 25, 2008
    That would be worse actually and increase the risk of injury.Can you imagine playing so many days together without enough time between tournaments?
    The travel is as it is exhausting,plus a compressed schedule will only add to the woes of these players ..cant see how a compressed schedule would do any good.

    A longer off-season sounds great and I know WTF has been pushed to November so its pretty short this year but its been pushed so that the players have time to rest and show up.
  5. Max G.

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Just look at all the players that are missing in action at the end of the season. Various injuries start cropping up, and the only top players that are healthy are those that had breaks in the MIDDLE due to injury or bad play.

    It would be nice for something to be done. My personal proposal would involve decreasing the number of required events and letting that create a longer off-season.

    The top pros aren't playing much more than the schedule is requiring them to - most are even playing *less* than the required number because of mid-season withdrawals from TMSs. And still by the end of the year they end up injured. It seems stupid to ask them to skip MANDATORY events - if the ATP is serious about expecting players to manage their schedule that way, those events shouldn't be mandatory.

    An off-season is also less stressful than a week off in between tournaments, because the players don't need to stay match-ready.

    However, this only really needs to be done for the top pros - the ones lower down probably want to play fuller schedules because they tend to lose earlier and thus have fewer matches, and they need the income.

    It would be a tricky rearrangement, might be doable. Would require yet more changes to the ranking system to decrease the number of required events, moving around tournaments... I don't expect the ATP to try anything like it though - they've been burned recently on various attempted major changes (remember that ridiculous round-robin thing?)
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    all this millionaire divas complaining.
  7. mandy01

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I think it is understood in the ATP that the top players arent going to make it to all events even if they are mandatory.What is also understood is that if each continent dosent have its fair share of mandatory events top players will skip the action and let us not forget tennis needs all the sources of revenue it can get and the fans are the best source.
    Most fans buy tickets to watch top players and they deserve the opportunities.
    Let us also NOT forget the lower ranked players who need these tournaments for income,matches and gaining a little bit of experience in the company of the top players.
    It is understood the penalties are not too demanding and players can easily afford them and afford to play lesser number of tourneys than prescribed.
    Players can afford to skip minor events and exhos.
    Nadal for instance says the off-season is too short and goes on to sign up for Abu Dhabi? Why exactly?
    I cant see any other reason except a fat cheque.If you're signing up for exhos dont complain about the schedule.The ATP dosent force you to kill yourself for exhos.
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