scholorship recruiting companies(are they worth it,will they get you a scholorship?)

Discussion in 'College Tennis Talk' started by jw-simon, May 27, 2012.

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    Nov 28, 2011
    hey all.Im ranked in the top 15 of my country(average tennis country) under18(boys).I train hard and im improving all the time.
    Im going into my senior year of high school in september but between then and now i have alot of tournaments and ranking points to get !
    I want to get a scholorship to a university(div 1 or 2) in 2013.i know i am good enough to play college tennis and to get a decent scholorship but i dont have enough organisation,time and contacts to receive a scholorship.
    Im thinking of paying 2000bucks and going with one of the recruiting companies.
    There are many out there and they all claim they can get you want you want but ive read that they are not what they make themselves out to be.

    Has anyone used a recruiting company or heard stories about them.Im desperate for info on them as i would love to get a scholorship but im not sure if i can do it on my own. I have many questions on them and i would love if you all could answer some of them !! just give me information !

    firstly which company is the best ? how much work do they do for you ? will they get me a good scholorship (75%) ? after you pay them do they stop contacting you ? do they have good contacts ?

    please can i get a good response to this thread as i bet their are others like me who want info !
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    Mar 22, 2012

    I have no comment on any specific company that you may be considering contracting with. But, like any contract of this sort, certain basic due diligence items apply - ask for referencesv, check them,etc.

    All the companies are going to ask you for the roughly the same things - academic records, letter of recommendations from your coaches, tournament results, and of course a video. You should put all this together ASAP if you have not already. Next, check out While you can't get ranked as a non-American, all the information you need about who to contact is there.

    Start with some div ii schools, maybe some schools that have players from your unnamed country. Contact the coaches and try get some feedback. Ideally, you'll get some feedback that will let you know how you stand with regards to you expectations.

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