Searching for my long lost Volkl stick


A while back, say around three years ago, I got to hit with this Volkl frame, and to this day I can't seem to forget how much I liked it.

I barely remember anything about it except that I know that the guy who it belonged to always bought the most expensive in racquets, strings, etc. So, maybe it may have been customised to his liking also. He was probably a 4.5 counterpuncher.

For further help, I am a 4.5 all-around player, but was probably around 3.5 back then. Can someone please help me find the stick that is potentially my true holy grail? I know it will be very difficult with such limited info given, but I would be extremely thankful if it was possible for you to find. I have been using the Prince TT Bandit since those days also, but that day that I hit with the Volkl, I forgot the Bandit at home.

Thanks in advance, and please ask if you need more info, and I'll see if I can dig something up


likely was the c10..they have been making that frame for years until's a classic, but typically anythinng from the Volkl 10series is yellow in colour. if the Q10 that you really liked, it is totally different than the C10..without more info we're only guessing, but he C10 is a frame that people have really liked for a long time


the c10 is a sweet stick. flexy yet solid. i was able to hit penetrating balls and place them with good accuracy. but ultimately, i moved back to my t10mpve. i get more power and spin from it and simpy put, play my best tennis with it. I think that the head shape (more egg than oval like the c10) combined with the V throat is the combo that does it for me. all 10 series frames are nice but they do have different personalities on the court.


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I am playing with the old Volkl quantum V1. Been around for a good many years Yellow and black and grey with a 102 head size. Great feel and power. Control not bad either. They just discontinued it and replaced it with the DMX or DNX can't remember.....
I've used the Quantum V1 mp for years now, and it is a terrific frame!

Only recently switched to the new DNX V1 oversize, and it is even better!