Searching for old school Dunlop string circa 1990.


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I don’t know if TW or anyone else might have an old reel of Dunlop string I used in the early 90s.
It’s a reel of Dunlop white string that was around in the late 80 and until about 95.
1. It was very white
2. It was a strange multi filament
3. It was cheap cheap!
4. It had a waxy feel.

I really enjoyed playing with it and I was thinking maybe someone has an old roll stashed away I could buy.

Pics to give people some idea of the look and sheen.The string looked a little like this.
Or this.


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Is that what it is ? It’s quite a thick string ? Would you be able to take a photo of it to me and email it please ? I assume this email is going to show up and not be suppressed.