Sebastien Grosjean losing ground.

For 2 or 3 years Sebastien Grosjean seemed to be a solid top 10 player, and a mild contender at the grand slams, impressively reaching atleast one semi of all three surface slams. Yet he seems to be losing ground to me. I wonder if his game has declined, or he has mantained around level but others have just improved and he is being surpassed. Your thoughts?


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He will peak during the grass court season as he tends to do better on grass then clay??!!. I think he is a very talented people but he lacks consistency, as he too oftens loses to players ranked lower then him. I dont think he can be top 10 ever again.
I am not surprised he could do well on grass, since he has a game that can attain good results on any surface, but I am surprised his best collection of cumulative results are on grass. I would expect clay to be his best surface probably, and yet his lowest production of results are on clay, though he did reach a French Open semi and Monte Carlo semi in his career, so still attaining a certain level of success. I would expect grass to be the least successful of the three main surfaces for him, and clay the most, so I am a bit surprised at his proportion of success per surface. As I said I think his game can translate somewhat to grass, but it seems most suited to clay, yet his results dont bear that out.


i think maybe he`s getting fed up with the job. he does seem to be losing interest.