Seeking a better string. Maybe I changed too many variables...?

Kaptain Karl

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Last week I received my first change-of-frame rackets in over 20 years. While demo-ing a few frames I noticed quite a difference in the "feel" with the various strings in the demo sticks. I ordered new strings, too. Order #___22529.

"Ugh!" Help! NOTE: I live and play in the High Country (7,400 ft). This really makes a difference in how strings behave ... or don't.

After over 20 years using the ProKennex Kinetic Pro 7G, I wanted a frame which would give me a little bit more "pop". I'm not a string breaker and I have used Prince Lighting XX 16g for a long long time.

My two Yonex VCore SV 100+ frames arrived last week. One with Prince Perfection 17g. One with Gosen Multi CX 17g. (I had TW string each frame at 44 lbs. This is what I've done with the Lightning XX for years, so I kept that factor consistent.)

After 20 minutes of drilling with the Prince Perfection frame my shots began to "spray". The strings seemed to, rather suddenly, be playing way looser than what I'm used to with the XX at 44 lbs.

I switched to the Gosen Multi CX frame -- and stuck with it for the next hour. It was not "as bad" as the too soft / too loose Perfection. But I did get the sense the Gosen had ... relaxed ... a bit -- just not as much as the Sensation.

One of the things I really liked about the new Yonex frame was how much more KICK my spin serves were getting (during the demo times). A real PLUS! The kick suddenly wasn't controllable with the Perfection frame after I noticed the "too loose" feeling came upon me with that frame. I was able to get the spin serves to work with the Gosen frame....

Was the move to 17g my error? Do Yonex frames need more tension than I'm accustomed to? What is so different?

Kaptain Karl

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Update: I had a thoroughly educational conversation with Adan at TW. Adan really understood what I was looking for and asked really good clarifying questions.

Solution: Moving from such a loose (44 lbs) monofilament to a multi, I really should have increased the tension. So ... I'm going to go back to 16g AND bump the tension to about 50 lbs.

I hope I remember to keep you posted....

Kaptain Karl

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Last night I played with my new frame, freshly strung (Monofilament, 48 lbs). What a difference!

(Earlier this week, for the first time in my life, I CUT OUT a full set of strings. That's how bad the Multi was at 44 lbs.)

I cannot wait to try the Multi at 50 lbs.....


I'd think at higher elevations, a tension closer to 60 would be better than 50 with a multi but that is frame and player dependent. On another note, the 7G is such a classic frame.


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I think demo's are worthless if they don't have fresh strings. Dead strings and the tension can be a big variable in loving or hating the racquet.