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Hello Guys,

I am fresh to the forum, sorry for any boo-boos I made in this post.

A bit about me:

I'm 25 and pretty athletic, in terms of tennis I have pretty good service, and from what I have been told I am a natural baseline player with a preference for forehand (with spin). I do love to rally and have decent hits with my opponent. I do not suffer from tennis elbow or any major injuries yet. I do not have much experience in playing. I only started last year but played on a regular basis.

So far I have been playing with a very cheap Head Attitude Elite (265g) and I was able to compete with people who claimed that they are around 3.0 or 3.5 (which I do not think is true). Then I realized that I need to get myself something better than the el cheapoo I play with.
I had a chance to try my friend's Babolat Pure Drive 2020 and I was shocked after hitting it, in terms of being able to generate power but somehow it felt very muted. After each hit I was wondering if I actually hit the ball, I felt a bit disconnected from the racquet.

I do not have many options to try out racquets at the club because a majority of members club I joined are older people who are playing with very mainly arm-friendly racquets.

I went to a local tennis shop and they did not have racquets I was interested in, thus I had to order them online. After carefully reading the

I decided to get a new stick before a season, reading carefully all reviews I decided to try out 2 Yonex sticks:
- Vcore 100 2021, strung with Head Reflex MLT - 17 (1.25mm) at 55lbs;
- Ezone 100 2022, strung with Yonex PolyTour Pro - 16L at 52lbs;

I tried both of them and somehow I have mixed feelings between the two. Vcore seemed more similar to my old racquet in feel than Ezone. It has more pop and it seems that it has more power compared to Ezone also serves are stronger with Vcore. In terms of the rally, I must admit that Ezone felt like a very precise and distinguish tool to place the ball whenever I wanted. My biggest concern with this racquet is the thickness of the beam. Sometimes

Apparently, Ezone is more power and control-oriented whereas Vcore baseline and spin.
I am wondering if players have a preference for a baseline should they go with a racquet which will enhance their game style or go with a stick which will help them with other aspects of the game.

Would you be able to advise on those concerns?

Thank you,


It would be very hard to make an accurate assessment with vastly different strings on each racket - Reflex MLT is a powerful, super-comfortable multifilament string; PolyTour Pro is a relatively low powered, stiff polyester string.

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You should look the one that conform to your play style. Aka enhancing your game style.

I have old style stroke, medium head speed, more flattish shot. I tried Vcore and Ezone, both did not fit my game style. With them, i have tendencies to make ball sail long because they need whippy fasy motion to bring the ball down. And i dont have that motion.

In the end, i choose Vcore Pro 100 which fit my stroke and game style. It still can produce spin and i can control my flat ball.

Btw, Ezone is not a control racket. It produce better flat shot than Vcore, hence better control.

Vcore = Pure Aero, Head Extreme, Dunlop SX

Ezone = Pure Drive, Head Instinct, Wilson Clash / Ultra, Dunlop FX

Vcore Pro = Pure Strike, Head Speed MP, Head Prestige MP-L, Wilson PS 6.5 100, Dunlop CX
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Having played with both, my opinion (without writing paragraph after paragraph) is that the Vcore gives you more power and spin, whereas the Ezone gives you significantly more control/placement.


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Hello guys,

Thanks a lot for your advice. I ended up demoing both of them and ended up choosing an EZONE.

Nothing wrong with the V-Core. I liked it very much as well. However, there were 2 key problems I did not like about it. In terms of feeling it was a bit mushy for me and the fact that this racquet felt similar to my previous racquet but with each aspect of the game improved - power, spin, service. Also, the strings were moving a lot. I played for maybe 10min and already I noticed that they were moving all over the place. I bet I would have to restring the racquet every 2-3 matches.

EZONE on the other hand felt very crisp with nice feedback on each stroke. It is a challenging racquet to me yet very forgiving. I do like that racquet requires me to focus way more on my technique and strokes to hit those precise winner shots. I need to be focused all the time on my technique, not like with V-Core which felt to me supernatural, almost like an extension of my arm. Super easy to swing to the point that I could forget about my technique and just rally forever but wouldn't be able to hit that precise winner shot. To sum up, so far I am very happy with EZONE. I think it is a well-balanced racquet with a nice feel.

By the way I strung both following advice of tennis warehouse group which is:

V-Core: Head Reflex MLT - 17 (1.25mm) - 56 lbs
EZONE: Yonex PolyTour Pro - 16L (1.25mm) - 52 lbs

Great and thanks again for your feedback!