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What’s your opinion of this? Response to the grievance:
After careful consideration of all available information, the Southern NTRP Grievance Committee agreed upon the following: The committee is responsible for ensuring that players properly complete the self-rate questionnaire. After reviewing the grievance and supporting information, the committee finds that the grievance should be dismissed.
The information provided reflects that Mr. ***** played tennis at **** College, which was, at the time of Mr. **** attendance, a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Although it appears that the college had petitioned to move to Division II in 2010, the evidence reflects that petition was initially denied, and ***** College did not become a Division II school until 2014. Mr. **** play was, therefore, at the junior college level, which would place him at a 4.0 minimum level.
Mr. ***** did not respond to the grievance. Because Mr. ***** rating is correct based on the evidence provided, however, the committee concludes that the grievance is dismissed. Mr. ***** will not be suspended; no matches will be reversed, and he will maintain his rating of 4.0.

The player that the grievance was submitted against did not disclose that he played Junior College. He only put that he played juniors and “some” highschool.
The above was bumped to 4.5 at the end of last year