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Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by TommyGun, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. TommyGun

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Friend of mine, 43, sent this to me. He played the number one guy in his club the other day and here is his poetic play by play:

    so you want to know
    how well I did
    did I tell you I was playin'
    a 24 year old kid?

    my knees were a creakin'
    my shoulder was a mess
    at 42 I'm not as quick
    as youngsters, I confess

    So I had to use
    my head and my heart
    my racquet my sword
    my serves were like darts

    i made the kid run
    back and forth, side to side
    after about an hour
    I think he was trying to hide

    and with one last breath
    and a swing of my stick
    it was all over
    he was dead quick

    So I pumped my chest
    and walked away glad
    untili I heard him mutter
    "I just got beat by my grandad!"

    Thought you guys would enjoy this
  2. Kaptain Karl

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    Sep 17, 2004
    The High Country of Colorado
    That's great!

    There's a 19 year old right below me on our Town Ladder. It drives him CRAZY that he cannot beat me ... and it nearly KILLS ME to beat him. He's playing for a good college team now ... which is part of the reason I've been in the gym so much this winter.

    We may be a step or two slower; but we're a whole lot more crafty/cunning/treacherous...!

    - KK

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