Senior videos


Excuse me for my English language, i am Middle-Europian and can not Spanish.
But i would like to find videos from Spanish players like Bruguera, Corretja, A. Costa etc. from the 90-s and i would like to see how they do play nowadays.
I have tried it already many ways, but i have failed. Maybe you could help me.

Thank you for your answer


Hi toth,

You could maybe try in their SM pages. ;)

All the best,
TWE Staff
Excuse me, i am just a rec tennis fan, unfortunately ,,their SM pages" does not tell me enough, where schould i seek for it...
Maybe could you give me a web titel?
It would be very much appriciated!


Excuse me, but i would be interessed how they play NOWADAYS (at senior tors).
This two video are from the 90-s years.
I have tried to find on the Internet senior videos, but i did not succeed...