Serena acts like she is just learing about the game


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-Venus is the first line of defense in an errored call. Take responsibility.

-The umpire and all the line judges in earshot are the cross examiners of what transpires, and there were many.

-Venus (and Richard) handled the "situation" well, but lets face it she choked royally

-Sprem is not responsible for interjecting, and she looked as confused as Venus, not Sprems job though, give her credit she kicked Venus around.

-Sprem won again proving she is a solid player, and Venus' game is not back up to where she wants it.

-Serena thinks it was focal on the one call? How many set points does the great Venus need to close out? I guess more than 5. Weak.


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Lambro, The Serena bashers must be feeling jaded. Try again if Serena reaches the final.


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Serena is simply reverting to her early days when all she and Venus had were excuses, and injuries when they lost-When they won they "PLAYED WELL". Although it seems like Venus has matured, it seems Serena has not.

It is clearly stupid of her to question the integrity of the ref, and her sisters opponent, but forget to question what the f*#@$ Venus was thinking.
Cool. I like her swinging volleys and tenacity too. If she could develop more of a killer instinct on court, I think that will make her game so much better, specifically the second serve and coming to net. Of course everytime I watch women's tennis, I'm always jumping out of my seat and going "get to net!" "get to net!". Venus included. It's too bad, because when she does volley its not half bad. That's what's gonna take for her to beat these new generation of power groundstrokers. They are younger, hungrier, less wear and tear, and she WILL NOT be able to keep up with them from the baseline. Unless she does an andre agassi physical makeover, which is asking a lot of anyone. We'll see maybe she'll prove me wrong and start dominating again.


Serena looks very awkward when she is off-balance. It is even funny. She can't really change direction fast enough because of that body weight. She (most of wta players) needs better balance and agility to get to the net.