Serena vs Golovin

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Not the best match to watch but Golovin is some eye candy thats for sure. Wearing the short shorts..... Makes me want to go over to Great Britain :lol:


Yeah Web Crawler, come to England.

We have Tatiana and Maria (good job they are my age!!)

But most importantly we have Tim, and he is going to make me proud.

Come on Kidda!!!!



Tatiana might as well as played in a thong... Not that I'm complaining though! I taped it, great "match" to watch. Good thing I speak French! Maria though is still unbeatable and the most beautiful. Tatiana's outfit though, did turn me on quite a bit. I would hit her...


Thought this was kind of interesting. Methinks Serena was jealous?

"Cameras clicked nonstop while Golovin and Williams warmed up. Golovin, who has been groomed for stardom for nearly two years by her IMG handlers, has shown up this summer in hip-hugging short-shorts and a cropped top. Williams' one-piece white dress with beige cutouts and a ragged bottom was sedate in comparison.

"I had something really, really super sexy," Williams said of her planned Wimbledon attire, "but they wouldn't let me wear it."

Hard to imagine anything sexier than Golovin's limited attire."


Using sex to sell tennis is desperate enough. But using a 16 year old child to parade around as a teasing 'sex kitten' is way over the line of decency.

It is, quite simply, pathetic.

I have lost all my respect for the pimps who run the WTA.


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I agree Deuce, but they would try to get by saying they don't market to adults and it is really to gain the attention of kids her age. However, I wouldn't buy that argument, and it is really a cheap way to sell tickets. I really do not understand the need for extremely skimpy outfits, attractive women will be attractive in any nice tennis outfit. Seriously, dress Carmen Electra in a hazmat suit and I would still be game for some action. Too many perverted child molesters running tennis. I just wish some of these girls would refuse to play into it.


It is pretty sad. Was watching some HBO (I think) documentary on this a few years back, and these clothing sponsors do put a lot of pressure on young girls to wear revealing outfits... I guess to bring attention to the brand. They start looking for them pretty young, like around 12 or 13 and pick them out based on who will be really attractive when they get older. Of course, at such a young age, these girls are just happy to get a sponsor... especially if it's one of the major ones like Adidas or Nike.


Tackiana Golovin would actually look more attractive in larger butt/hip coverage attire. Leave something to the imagination, cuz the reality aint all dat hot. Just look at Serenabutt if you don't get what I mean.