How does Serena's behavior during USO Final compare to McEnroe during 1990 AO?

  • Serena's behavior was worse

    Votes: 88 58.3%
  • McEnroe's behavior was worse

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  • Both behaved about the same

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Serena got her a** kicked in Wimbledon final yet you saw a gracious behaviour there.

She got her a** kicked numerous times and accepted it. This has nothing to do with the fact that she was losing. It's the fact that she felt the Umpire made BS call.

No class at all mate. Raising her hand and threatening the umpire. That’s not how role
Models behave please don’t try to justify her. A friend earlier could not have said it better: she is a spoilt brat full of arrogance and i am glad Osaka demolished her.


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I wouldn't say that, necessarily.

I would say that the officiating in the recent past has had too many questionable instances where officiating becomes the story. The officiating should be in invisible. If the officials are making decisions that are having a massive impact on the championship match, the officials need to step back.

I obviously didn't see every match this tournament, but I saw three notable instances where officials chose to become involved, sometimes at key moments, in ways they should not have.

One was the Kyrios pep talk -- which the USTA had the nerve to say publicly was just fine.

Second was Djokovic losing a first serve for shot clock in the semis, when I don't think he should have been.

Third was Serena being penalized for a changeover tirade when those are as common as can be -- for men, anyway.

I think ITF and the majors need to put these officials on a shorter leash, as no one watches a tennis match to see an umpire decide things.

Djokovic was over time on the shot clock on the occasion where he lost his first serve (the warning call prior was a bit dubious). The umpire has to issue the penalty...

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Naomi can probably still get into Masa, NYC's most expensive restaurant, to celebrate tonight if she showers quickly and heads for Manhattan. Chef Masa apparently has more than 90 percent of his fish flown in daily from Japan.
She'd better bring her prize money cheque with her


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Seriosly he did nothing wrong. I hope ATP and officials should back him and confirm that he did a great job. No it isnt his job to calm down hysteric Serena.(Some people critical of Ramos because of that including Mats Wilander)Serena needs threapy.


I like this PMo guy.

Finally after 18 months of Trump & Co. corruption, constant lies and subsequent denials we get a guy that is busted and totally cops to it. And he throws Toni under the bus in the process ! :D

Mueller should subpoena PMo and find out what else he knows.
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When you completely market your $100 million event about one player and then call that player a cheater live in the final, yes she’s probably going to get upset.


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No way a male tennis player would have received a violation for calling the umpire a thief during the changeover.
If that were the only thing she had actually said, she wouldn’t have either. She said way more than that, you must not have watched the previous 15 minutes. Finger pointing, threatening that he will never umpire her again, demanding an apology. Remember that or nah?


Because there was a point in the match where she received a game penalty for saying the umpire was a thief. I don't think anyone has ever gotten even a warning for something like that before.

They can perpetuate this narrative on TV but let's not do it here. She verbally abused the ump numerous times, twice at length. "Thief" was the last thing she said, not the only thing.
@buzz ...

Good poast.
Nah. This is a hashtag mee too moment.
This offends me as a man with a daughter.
BJK needs to step up. So does allyssa milano.
Rena needs a female coach. That offends me.
Also gender is like, ovarr!
Ramos is lidrallee hitler.


It was appalling to say the least. From audience, to broadcasters, to trophy presenters, to even the meek confetti. It took away from a beautiful historic moment for WTA and Japanese tennis.

If anything we should be generating positivity for Naomi and if you wanna do that head on over to this thread. Lets not generate more about SW cause this is exactly what will take away from Osaka's amazing play, sportsmanship and win.
And now every youtube video of it was blocked by USTA. :oops: Muricans doing their job sweeping under the rug.


If you win your first slam, watching your opponent spiral out of control would only add to the moment wouldn't it?
Or maybe wishing she never wins another so she won't become Serena like.

At least you managed provide a good example for gender bias.
Toadleh sekksist. Yaas queen!

Rena gonna make the umps get it right and be consistent.

I feel for women right now. Not good.
The broadcasters, i feel for too. They are being too nice to the queen. Well, i resoect mj fernandez' had nest summatiin of this turrble sitchyashen.


I guess the question then is how many tines does Ramos make that call.

No question Osaka deserved it. I personally think her serving out it those conditions was harder than winning without the extra game. Most would pull a 2017 Thiem (del Potro)


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Heaven forbid that Serena did anything wrong. The three ESPN commentators turned this entire incident into another display of sexism. The men players would not have been given a game penalty. They curse at the umpires all through a set and never get penalized.
So here's my challenge - is that really true? Do men continue to berate the umpires after two previous code violations without reaching a game penalty? We should be able to determine that. If true, I for one would accept that this was an example of blatant sexism. Let's just get the facts please. Or do we each develop our version of the truth (very popular today).
If men players are not getting away with murder, I think we should conclude that Serena lost control of her emotions (probably because she was losing).

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Serena: "I'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality and for all kinds of stuff. For me to say 'thief' and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark. He's never taken a game from a man because they said 'thief'."

Ugh just be quiet Serena

OMG :rolleyes:
She is a narcisist. No Serena, you're not "fighting for women's rights". You're just playing a damn sport. That's all.

I wouldn't expect the, erm, gentlemen here at TT to get it.

I think it needs to be said that Bad Boy Behavior on a tennis court is tolerated. And I feel confident that if Fognini or Kyrios or Federer were playing in the men's final close to the end of a set, *no umpire on the planet* would call that third code violation.

It is bias against Serena. I actually wanted Naomi to win, I was sick to death of the Mama ads, and I don't abide her sense of entitlement.

But even Serena deserves to be treated, well, . . . as well as Jared Donaldson, Fabio, Kyrios, and the countless men who sit in their chairs on changeovers and scream at and insult chair umpires.

Your post is absolute BS. Players don't go about berating the ump and calling him a thief (!) during 15 minutes, after they already have two violations. It doesn't happen.

Trying to use the feminism card.... cheap and pathetic.


Game penalty might have gone too far in such a match. Could have given another point penalty. But if it is in the books then it means many other umpires are too lenient with tolerating bad behaviour.

The penalties have to escalate. From memory McEnroe miscalculated at the AO in 1991 when he thought he would be penalised the set, but the next step up from a game penalty is the match.


I guess we should just give Lance Armstrong back all his Tour de France victories. If everyone else is cheating, it’s ok.
Being coached from the stands is nothing compared to what Armstrong did. Personally, I don't think being coached from the stands is so bad. If so, perhaps they should have the players boxes further away from the court, so that the players can't see any coaching hand signals?


If that were the only thing she had actually said, she wouldn’t have either. She said way more than that, you must not have watched the previous 15 minutes. Finger pointing, threatening that he will never umpire her again, demanding an apology. Remember that or nah?
Men have pointed at the umpire, called for their removal, and called them an abortion and did not get a warning. See Connors Krickstein US open match.
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