How does Serena's behavior during USO Final compare to McEnroe during 1990 AO?

  • Serena's behavior was worse

    Votes: 88 58.3%
  • McEnroe's behavior was worse

    Votes: 38 25.2%
  • Both behaved about the same

    Votes: 25 16.6%

  • Total voters
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It was stolen from her!!!! Even though she was down a set and a break when she got the game penalty..... lolololololol

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Playing the sexism card like a boss! If i were a woman i would be offended that someone played that card in such a moment. Totally psychopathic behavior from Serena today.

It's actually sad that Serena doesn't lose more often, so we could see more from the real Serena Williams.

You have to ask yourself why does controversy only happen to Serena at the US Open when she doesn't have any at all the other slams combined.

The Game penalty was pure BS.

I can understand the point penalty to a degree but calling an Umpire a thief doesn't warrant a game penalty.


If i were serena i wouldve walked out when the ref took a game from her. I mean if serena really wanted to get back at the ref thats what she shouldve done. Because then nobody would deny that the ref ruined the match. She must be pretty dumb to not have left. Im shocked she still hasent left tbe court? Is she gonna actually stay for the trophy presentation? Jesus Serena stand up for yourself and get the hell out of there...


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WTF! Serena's coach is acting exactly like her in this interview! Ridiculous! Take some damn responsibility for getting caught coaching and being outplayed
Evert and Fowler can’t say anything negative towards Serena. Only that Osaka played better.

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The "thief" comment was not the only verbal abuse directed at the chair. Get real.
What do you mean get real.

She didn't say anything else wrong. Find a quote or anything else and recall any other match that a player got a game penalty for saying absolutely nothing.


Serena also lied to the Umpire, that gesture by her coach was perceived by her as 'thumbs up' yet the coach himself said he was coaching? Such ambiguous and capricious mannerisms would have to be understood by Serena and her coach before matches. Her publicist must have felt his left arm go numb as he fell to the floor grasping for his bayer aspirin when he saw this spectacle of unsportsmanlike brattiness


talk tennis warehouse is going to crash that woman the head of EST I just said that Serena your class a she's a roll model yeah she's my role model not
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