How does Serena's behavior during USO Final compare to McEnroe during 1990 AO?

  • Serena's behavior was worse

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  • McEnroe's behavior was worse

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  • Both behaved about the same

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Whatever you think of Serena and Naomi (and I adore Naomi), there is no doubt in my mind that the chair acted improperly.

I think there was gender bias at work. The first coaching violation? Deserved. The second violation? Deserved.

But I cannot begin to count the number of times men have sat in their chairs on changeovers and had heated discussions with umpires, and nothing whatever happens. But when it is Serena, it is a game penalty in the final. Insane. Her words were actually civil -- saying she deserved an apology, no profanity, no threats.

Need more proof?

In this same tournament, we had a chair umpire come out of his chair to basically coach Kirios in front of God and everyone. The proper response would have been to enforce the code of conduct, but no. Ump goes easy on the man, and USTA backs up the umpire.

By that standard, Ramos should have come out of his chair and talked to Serena, calm her nerves, tell her he wants to help her. Nope -- game penalty (when the tirade was over and he could have let it go) to put Serena's opponent a game away from the championship.

Congratulations to Naomi, but what happened today was rooted in disparate treatment and sexism.
I don’t think the first violation should have been called. Coaches make jestures to players and players looking at their team—it happens all the time. It is kind of bizarre that thing was called during the final.


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Serena’s only option now is to answer every question with praise for Osaka and say nothing about the penalties. If she can do that she can recapture a little honor.

That or quickly have another daughter.
She can't recapture anything. Something like this will happen again if she keeps playing for very long. She has an attitude problem.


Overwhelming majority is with her. Check the world media coverage.
The chair umpire has made it possible for the world to see the double standards and may have triggered the much needed debate to fix what's wrong with the system.
I dont believe so. Tennis players who think that Serena was wrong would hardly go on public because could backfire towards them. Kyrgios is the type who could say something but he has history with that umpire and probably wont.

People who think that Serena was right, claim the "moral ground" by saying that "other people use coaching too" ...

Its not only about the violations but also about how Serena reacted toward them! Thats not a 20 years veteran, probably one of the best in history, A MOTHER ... that was some bitter player who cant control her emotions and bursted out towards someone else. After that goes to seek sympathy by saying "its Naomi night"


Please, stop with this Serena's motherhood BS. As if she is the only 'working mom' in the world. Complete nonsense. What difference does that make? Clijesters was a mom when she came back and won her USO. There are so many other female tennis players who are mothers also, but it seems to me that Serena gave a birth to some Goddess or whatever. Serena is simply a spolied star, no matter how you look at it.

Well, Roger and Novak are fathers too. So? Yeah, yeah, but they are men, blah, blah ... Serena, mother or not showed up on the court to play the final of the USO. She lost to a player who was composed and played much better. End of story.

Ramos did a good job. No, coaching on the court is the rule. Was Serena coached? Yes. Serena called Ramos names. I see so many American journalists saying 'well, he didn't really have to punish her for that, they even talked about hormones, lol, blah, blah' ... The excuse was, well she just gave a birth. Give her a break Was that penalty really necessary? Last time I heard men have hormones too. Kudos to Ramos for not going for Serena's BS. Serena is not a teenager. She is 37yo, senior on the tour. One of the most accomplished women in sport. Jesus. You'd think that she's learnt her lesson already. I guess not.

The crowd was beyond pathetic by the way. Disgusting. I felt so bad for Osaka and the way the crowd was treating her. No, they didn't have to cheer for her, but constant booing during the match and even after the match when she won the title. She did nothing to deserve that. Shame on them.

Serena was completely outplayed by Osaka and that's it. So, to answer the OP's question, absolutely NO. I see a bright future for Osaka.

For the record, I like Serena. I love watching her play tennis. She is the legend. As for her personality, especially now I have mixed feelings but who cares.


None of the above OP. She was first agreesive and abusive, then realised the umpire didn’t take sheet, she thought playing the victim card might work. Also many viewers in the stadium might not even realised what had happened at that point, so maybe also buying some cheap help. See how the whole crowd was behind her right after the drama.
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Do you know any other occasion when umpire was called a thief? Everything else is more tolerable as "thief" implies intention. I heard player saying "are you blind", but this is not comparable as it does not imply intention.
They are called thieves every single match by the men. The difference is that Roger calls them burglars, Nadal says "umpire take thing and no ask, no", Kyrgios prefers "badass klepto".
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Well seriously if this was Nick Kyrgios (who btw is a MAN) was carrying on who would disagree the penalty was appropriate, and what would the media "stories" be?

So no Serena, you are not being persecuted, you are being entitled.
The appropriate punishment would be banning her from the AO-fines mean nothing to the top players-hell even the also-rans see it as chump change, hitting them in the ego department does & boy is she desperate to level with & pass Court's record.
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Man I hope I see coaching penalties far more on the men’s tour cause they happen all the damn time.
Coaches and family should not be allowed in the stadium. I don’t know why it is so hard to comprehend. Naomi’s dad get it. This is not a Davis cup, for crying out loud. It is an OPEN tournament, where it is all about the individual player, surviving and succeeding on their own.
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In a lot of circumstances, you can only make a claim if you have clean hands. She does not have clean hands, and anyone who says otherwise will get a ball shoved down their f***ing throat.


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You really want to play that card when there’s male tennis players like Kyrgios, Troicki and McEnroe? Mac is literally known for being an absolute roller coaster so you probably should shut up and stay quiet.
McEnroe should have been tested for hormones


Right now I don't have a cable subscription so I missed the match. After reading about this debacle I do not see the point of paying extra to get the Tennis Channel(for its rerun coverage). I have been a big fan of tennis since 1985 but I am tired of the ridiculous sense of hubris exhibited not just by Serena but by all these pampered players. This is a classic example of what is wrong with society in general. Everything is blown way out of proportion. Like a lifeguard at the pool the umpire is not going to call every infraction. However, he does have the authority to make the calls he did and if he was wrong, it was not because he is biased against women. There is a way that Serena is right but not the victim of a plot against her individually or as a woman.
if you have internet, you can watch a replay on ESPN3 or watch ESPN. it was a real trainwreck. The press is not reporting the whole truth and worse, my local TV channels don't even mention the winner's name: Osaka!

I am really done with Serena.


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Serena is not in good shape. I’m not saying her weight. But just her conditioning.

It’s amazing she’s made it on pure Serena ability to two grand slam finals on a row without much match play.

But Naomi would have won in 3rd set anyways due to poor conditioning on Serena part.

It’s just shows u how much better Serena is from every other woman on the circuit. Not a jab at Naomi. But no other woman can take a year off. Barely play and make it to two grand slam finals. (Just look at Maria Sharapova results and she wasnt even injured for 15 months off).


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Just bring on the final now tbh. We've been talking about this all day. It's done, the better player on the day by far won, enforcement of the rules won, and tennis won.

Prediction? I'll have to go Djoker in four. The smart money choice.


Serena has, once again, barked at the moon.
No spin will change that. No defence from rabid Serena fans will change that.
All she's done is remind people of other outbursts.
Although this time, she seemed seriously on the edge. And to be frank, I would have been concerned for her health if it weren't for her Press Conference where she seemed totally in control, and worse, manipulative.


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Rafa went ballistic after getting booked for it. But he got himself off the ledge pretty quickly after.
I believe golf has a violation policy for broken clubs. But sports like baseball don’t.
I think the tennis penalty is more so for influencing kids away from being bratty?
Baseball is not based on rules of integrity and ethics. Most other sports are.


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Overwhelming majority is with her. Check the world media coverage.
The chair umpire has made it possible for the world to see the double standards and may have triggered the much needed debate to fix what's wrong with the system.
Can’t believe it.
Though ATP/WTA has a golden opportunity to make it worse by suspending Ramos.


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If Ramos can't take that sort of guff like a man then he has problems with women.
Taking it? Lol wat

Whether he can take it or not is irrelevant. It's whether he should have to. He's a big boy, no problems there, but he's an official of the sport doing his job and the officials must be respected. You know this.
Unsportsmanlike conduct is an offence, it was committed, and it was punished. "Problems with women" doesn't come into it. Enough with the SJW agenda man, it's coming from everywhere these days and it's tiring. Be rational.


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Um, that’s her point. We’ll never see a man draw 3 code violations in a gs final. Only happens to a woman.
Actually we never saw a woman draw 3 code violations in a GS final before yesterday as well.
That is why It hás nothing to do with sexism. It is just her childish behavior.
Also I don't see any prove that women get more warnings than men in general, and in particular in a GS final.
That is why all this sexist talk is total nonsense.
Serena faced a better opponent and couldn't come out with an answer on court. Sorry but her reaction to play the sexist card was redicolous.
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