How does Serena's behavior during USO Final compare to McEnroe during 1990 AO?

  • Serena's behavior was worse

    Votes: 88 58.3%
  • McEnroe's behavior was worse

    Votes: 38 25.2%
  • Both behaved about the same

    Votes: 25 16.6%

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She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round
People always told me be careful of what you do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth


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Because women aren't built for conflict, like men are. Men know how to be angry and disagree without going too far, ever since we were kids, we practice at this, rough and tumble style. It's part of our nature. Just as it is part of a woman's nature to take it too far because she thinks she's being attacked.

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BJK spewing garbage again? Why am I not surprised..

There was no “sexism” Serena was penalised for coaching, racquet abuse and verbal abuse.

It amazes me that Serena is never in the wrong in some people's minds. Her fans are almost cultlike.


Thank you for the encouragement, I shall now post 2000 times a day and shall rotate different shots of Nadal's hinny so you don't get bored.

Or may I recommend you simply put me on ignore. It will solve both of our problems.

May karma like you better than I do.
Nah, she is a biatch.


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"Several things went very wrong during the @usopen Women’s Finals today. Coaching on every point should be allowed in tennis. It isn’t, and as a result, a player was penalized for the actions of her coach. This should not happen. When a woman is emotional, she’s “hysterical” and she’s penalized for it. When a man does the same, he’s “outspoken” & and there are no repercussions. Thank you, @serenawilliams, for calling out this double standard. More voices are needed to do the same."
Another misandrist with too much of a platform.
Analogous to "if a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, does it still make a noise", if someone coaches and the player doesn't see, is it still a violation?

What if an anonymous coach, unknown to officials, sits in another location and gives signals from there, disguised as a random fan?

If coaching is illegal, you have to clamp down.

If you can't clamp down consistently, don't make it illegal.
Billie Jean King is a crazy, illogical feminist.

The only thing she shuts down is her brain, every time she opens her mouth.
She has her nose so far up Serena's rear end it is amazing she hasn't vanished yet. Why on earth do women need coaching? She says nothing about men not being allowed-indicating she is a feminist who wants women to be treated as inferior beings rather than equals. Why would any professional need to be getting help from people in the stands? If you cannot think for yourself then you shouldn't be out there.


Of course one could say Ramos was a bit over the top to announce a game penalty. But let’s not forget that it was Serena who went over the top with her rant, demanding an apology, not letting Ramos explain by talking over him, and then throwing out personal insults on top of that.

Ramos was actually trying to speak to her throughout the changeover, but Serena shunned him out constantly: “you owe an apology...don’t talk to me”. Serena was the one unwilling to have a discussion over the matter and didn’t allow the de-escalation. I’m pretty sure if the game penalty didn’t occur, in the next changeover there’ll be even more and potentially worse tantrums.


Well big surprise that Billie Jean has come out in support. First she says there should be coaching on every point? Well there isn't. Umpire was right to call Serena on this, and the fact is she's exploded on court so many times and in a slam final she she have a bit more restraint.

Another poster brought up Fognini saying he's far worse - well Fognini got suspended from the USO last year for verbally abusing an offical and has had numerous point penalties in his career, but let's pretend it only happens to woman. Oh what other women has this happened to? I mean is it just Serena? You know what maybe the problem isn't her sex or her race, but just HER


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BJK article does not reflect reality. Ramos was just doing his job and he has done it very well. He was just brave to make some decision that were unpopular in that particular environment (like awarding a penalty against a home team).


Ramos did everything by the rules, however, should have taken the control over the situation earlier and not let it escalate, especially in the Slam final!
1) Coaching violation - code of conduct, warning. It is just a warning, directed to both, player and bench. Serena's coach admitted coaching. She said she did not even see it, yet, moved to the net more and more right after the initial incident... BTW, no one has accused of "cheating" and MANY (men and women) were penalized for coaching before
2) Breaking the racket -- second violation, point deduction. Everyone who does it gets penalized, no exceptions -- Novak, Zvonareva, Zverev...
3) Verbal abuse -- the comments were directed to Ramos, not complaints about situation. "You are..." That is a verbal abuse.
Did he overreact -- probably. WAs is a bad timing -- probably. Did she deserve it -- DEFINITELY


Well, Kyrgios is constantly arguing. Serena's last incident was, what, 7 years ago?

TBH there have been times where I was on Nick's side personally but he makes it hard b/c he has minimally 5 outbursts in any given year.

True Fanerer

Because women aren't built for conflict, like men are. Men know how to be angry and disagree without going too far, ever since we were kids, we practice at this, rough and tumble style. It's part of our nature. Just as it is part of a woman's nature to take it too far because she thinks she's being attacked.
Well said. My wife says she wishes I was dead and I never say that to her.


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Billie Jean King is talking nonsense. Carlos Ramos has a history of enforcing the rules by the letter. He has given code violations to numerous men for being "emotional". For instance:
  • Djokovic was penalised by Ramos for unsportsmanlike conduct after yelling at the French Open in 2017.
  • At the 2016 French Open, Nick Kyrgios was given a code violation by Ramos for yelling at a ball boy.
  • Ramos gave Andy Murray code violation for saying "stupid umpiring" at the 2016 Olympics.
If she hadn't interview ed Patrick immediately who admitted to coaching, imagine the outrage. Because by then Serena s PR engine would have denied all coaching. Now as it is, it's egg on her face.

Some of the defense I am seeing is so idiotic that I'm disgusted.
- Serena: you stole a point from me, I've never received coaching.
Patrick : everyone does it including uncle Toni and Rafa.

Most horrible behaviour by Serena. She should have been banned imo
And the defense is, men have done that.

And the end, the biggest victims are Ramos and osaka. The image of Osaka sitting with towel all over her head is so haunting. Like a zombie whose legeitileg win was booed because of this horrible person.

And again , thanks to Pam shriver.
I don't think having seen the replay you could say not coaching. It was clearly coaching and she was clearly looking at what he was coaching. She exposed herself as not only a cheat but a liar too. That was scripted coaching.


Because women aren't built for conflict, like men are. Men know how to be angry and disagree without going too far, ever since we were kids, we practice at this, rough and tumble style. It's part of our nature. Just as it is part of a woman's nature to take it too far because she thinks she's being attacked.
Oh please :rolleyes:


Bottom line men do this stuff too I watched the match and have watched her matches in the past and her competitive outbursts mirror men moreso than women. There is nothing wrong with that. I think if I looked hard enough I could find three BETTER examples of bad behavior than Serena’s. Was she on thin ice? without a doubt. She should’ve know that. However she isn’t wrong men do it with far more regularly and not much comes come of it.

In the final it’s time to have even thicker skin. And all those touting the rule book thisnand rule book that ... if Novak were to do the exact same thing tomorrow is he given a game penalty? I am just gonna leave that there to sit. Cause I am willing to bet you make it apples and apples he says verbatim what she says does exactly what Serena does he doesn’t get the penalty.
Goodness people, cut the crap already. No, men don't regularly do what Serena did and get away with it. I challenge those claiming that to post even ONE video of a player berating the umpire for 15 minutes and calling him a thief AFTER having two code violations already. Players don't do that. They just don't.

Crying sexism is just pathetic.

Men get coaching, and they get code violetions for it. Men break rackets, and they get code violations for it. She just did both together, and then berated the umpire and called him a thief. Is this really hard to understand?.
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