Serious question for anyone with a PDR and poly strings

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by limitup, Nov 11, 2008.

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    So I demo'd the PDR and liked it. Thinking of switching to it, so I bought one from TW with my new favorite SilverString 1.25 strings.

    The problem is that no matter how I try to dampen the stringbed (standard dampeners, worm dampeners, my usual #64 rubber band, etc.) it makes the most annoying "ping" sound ever. I literally can't play with it, it's just that distracting.

    There's nothing visibly wrong with the racquet or string job. No loose grommets, etc. Pretty sure it's coming from the strings. I use the same strings at the same tension on my microgel extreme pros and I get an awesome POP, not a ping.

    Both racquets are pretty stiff, although the PDR is a little stiffer.

    Is this "ping" normal with a PDR? I can't imagine it is, but I don't know anyone who hits with one so I have no experience with it.

    It just seems like I somehow either have a bad racquet or a bad string job.

    Can anyone who uses a PDR with poly confirm if you get a POP or an annoying ping when you hit the sweetspot?

    I'm seriously thinking of cutting these brand new strings out and having it re-strung, and if it still does it, I'll have to try another PDR and start over.

    Sounds crazy, but for anyone used to the POP I'm sure you guys can understand. The ping is incredibly annoying and distracting to me!!

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