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Wow. I really like your serve.

Well spotted by the way. Yes, my follow through and deceleration is not smooth enough and I stop before I should and even pronate to the right side of my body instead of around the body.

Years ago I served and hit my shin really hard. With the next serve I hit the exact same place. Ever since it is hard for me to complete the serve around my body. This I believe can help protect my shoulder as well as make the serve more effortless.

Which grip do you serve with?
I think everyone catches their shin every so often - I do when toss the ball badly but still decide to swing at it.

In my opinion, you're doing the right thing to take care of it now, so you can continue to play for a long time to come. In a lot of ways, aging tells you what things you don't do efficiently because the body breaks down and you just can't do those things any more. Trying to fix your shoulder now by working on the technique is the best thing to do.

Oh, I use a continental for first serve, and about a third of the way between a continental and eastern backhand for second serves.

Chas Tennis

O yeah. Been meaning to ask. How's the smoke situation going @Chas Tennis?
I am no longer in a panic with asthma as when my filtering systems suddenly failed to control purple air (unhealthy to hazardous over 24 hours exposure). We partially sealed some of the worst leaks and now can use our whole condo. YOU CANNOT SEAL TOO MANY LEAKS FOR SAFETY. After two weeks of smoke, the 3 very large fires nearby are much smaller based on satellite fire observations. There is less smoke outside, more like AQI 100-150 - 'unhealthy for sensitive groups'. (That's just above 'moderate' level of 50-100 AQI.)

In heavy smoke, AQI 200-400, the air leaks were overwhelming my filters. Then, at first I thought that I would have to leave and, with Covid 19 out there, moving out was a disturbing issue to suddenly think about in a panic.

Houses are designed to allow a certain amount of air changes, and with heavy smoke and wind, too much smoke was getting into the condo. I estimated once we almost had 40% of the outdoor smoke level in the condo - with filtering. The advice that is given here is to "Stay inside and close the windows and doors." was not good for me with asthma. My filtering for the whole house was better than most, so the advice was not good for me and worse for some others. But in the bedroom the AQI was very good with a HEPA air cleaner.

I may start a thread on what I learned.
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